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For your convenience, use our online appointment system. The system is designed to increase accuracy and efficiency in scheduling your request. Upon completion, a call will be made to you to confirm pricing and availability. A final reservation confirmation will be provided once we’ve confirmed that our service will be used.
Online requests should be submitted at least 24-Hours before services are required to reserve date and time of transport. Last minute request are acceptable but only based on availability.

How to Inquire About A Reservation?

  1. Complete required Information below.
  2. A Medi-Ryde associate will contact you to discuss availability, pricing, and the process

Service Areas

Below are the current zip code areas we service. However, please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about transportation outside servicing areas.

78108 78217 78203 78234
78109 78218 78204 78239
78148 78219 78205 78244
78150 78230 78209 78247
78154 78231 78212 78248
78201 78232 78213 78258
78202 78233 78215
78216 78299 78259

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    Please note that the date and time you
    requested may not be available. We will contact you to confirm your actual appointment details.

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